The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority meets with High Performing Travel agents in the USA

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s South-East USA team in partnership with Elite Island Resorts last week, hosted high performing travel agents in Orlando and Tampa, Florida for a packed day of promotions, presentations and learning.

In Orlando, a travel agent lunch focused on sharing ‘What’s new with Antigua and Barbuda’, pinpointing the destination’s heritage, wellness, and romance attributes. Later, aboard a Yacht Starship dinner cruise in Tampa, the country’s yachting and sailing initiatives were the focus of the presentation, as agents learned about the uniqueness and exclusivity of Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism product while sailing along the Tampa Bay.

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s, Tourism and Investment Manager for the South-East USA, Donyelle Bird-Browne, said, “Our aim is to work along with our industry partners to continue the successful promotion of Antigua and Barbuda as a world-class yachting and sailing tourism destination.”

She notably emphasized that, our destination and its calendar have been recognized several times, as one of the premier yachting and sailing destinations of the world, and that there are many reasons for this.”

Sailing regattas in Antigua, typically take place in the 18th century restored Nelson’s Dockyard that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Antigua and Barbuda is famed for its brilliant aquamarine blue waters, beautiful anchorages, favorable trade winds and hospitable and fun-loving locals, which tie together to make a fabulous sailing experience.

A total of forty-five agents were present at both events and a lucky winner at each event earned a 3-night all-inclusive stay at the Pineapple Beach Club, an Elite Island Resort.


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