Teen jewel thief arrested with businessman who bought stolen gold

A 14 year old boy who allegedly stole over $60,000 worth of jewellery, and a jewellery store owner who allegedly bought the stolen items were arrested by police on Tuesday.

The teenager allegedly confessed to breaking into the home of a pensioner and stealing the jewellery and cash from the man‘s apartment.

Police said that the victim, a 69 year old man of Rio Claro, had secured his apartment at Naparima Mayaro Road between July 29 and August 3 and went away.

When the victim returned he discovered his apartment broken into, and $4,000 cash and $60,000 in gold jewellery missing.

The victim reported the incident to the Rio Claro Police and Sgt Maharaj, PC Meighoo and others investigated.

Investigations led police officers on Tuesday to the home of the 14 year old boy at Tabaquite Road, Rio Claro.

Police said the teenager allegedly confessed to the break-in, and to selling the stolen jewels to a store owner at High Street, Rio Claro.

The teenager allegedly told police that with the $60,000 he got from the jewellery sale he bought a PS4, two flat screen televisions, a camera system, a DVD player, a dining set, and other items.

The teenager’s mother allegedly told police that she did not know that he purchased the items illegally.

Later on Tuesday, police officers executed a warrant at the jewellery store and allegedly found the stolen items.


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