Talks Between Antigua and Barbuda and Barbados On Liat To begin On July 1st

The Antigua and Barbuda team responsible for spearheading the partial purchase of LIAT’s shares, owned by Barbados, will be setting off for Barbados for the first round of negotiations planned for Monday, July 1, 2019. According to a statement issued by the cabinet,the Antigua and Barbuda Government has agreed to take over the liabilities incurred by Barbados in the LIAT re-fleeting exercise, and to keep LIAT flying rather than participate in any collapsing of LIAT. In exchange for that responsibility, Antigua and Barbuda would acquire partial ownership of the shares which Barbados owns. That country is a 47% owner of LIAT’s common shares. Antigua and Barbuda owns 34% of the same. Following the purchase, the major shareholder would be Antigua, and the majority shareholder can save all those jobs created by LIAT if the airline is expanded, rather than made smaller. The team has been given the policy prescriptions and choices of the Cabinet and Government.