Strokes among young COVID cases worry medics

The unusual occurrence of strokes among youths battling COVID-19 is yet another reason to prevent the virus’ spread – because local authorities haven’t yet instituted treatment for these strokes.

Plus, in some bad COVID cases, air escapes the lung into the skin, giving the patient an inflated “Michelin Man” look. And if you have to go on a ventilator during treatment, it’s a last resort and there’s a high chance of death.

Consultant/cardiothoracic surgeon at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope, Dr Mark West, shared the information at yesterday’s Ministry of Health Ministry media update.

On Monday in Parliament, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh spoke of the latest discovery that youths with COVID were suffering blood clots and “people are dying” in response to UNC MP Fuad Khan’s call to reopen food businesses. Deyalsingh said the blood clot development had thrown a “spanner into the works” and Government would take decisions only on scientific data.

Yesterday, West said COVID-19 is a killer affecting respiratory and “just about every other system”, including thickening blood. He said while strokes occur in older people for different reasons, COVID patients of all ages are showing blood clots and strokes – and that’s unusual in youths.

“The virus is acting in some way to create high viscous blood flow to the brain,” West said, adding if patients were lucky they survived.

West said T&T hasn’t yet instituted preventative treatment against blood clots but noted it’s not yet widespread.


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