Stay put or else!

The Ministry of Health is not happy about recent incidents in which at least four people waiting for a second negative COVID-19 test result left their quarantine facility.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George yesterday urged Barbadians and visitors to make better choices and be aware they could face legal repercussions.

“It has been drawn to the attention of the Ministry of Health and Wellness that a number of persons who have been ordered into COVID-19 quarantine have been breaching that order,” George said in a statement released by the Barbados Government Information Service.

He said the ministry had received at least four recent reports of people, both locals and visitors, leaving the approved quarantine facility without his permission as Chief Medical Officer.

“I wish to issue a strong warning to everyone who has been placed in quarantine in Barbados that this practice will not be tolerated, and when identified, abusers will be brought before the courts and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 


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