Stay calm, don’t panic!

Barbadians have been told that the new strain of coronavirus – which is responsible for around 20 deaths in Wuhan, China, and resulted ina quarantine of the entire city – is no immediate threat to the island.

The virus has now spread to Japan, Korea, Thailand and a case has also been identified in Washington,United States.

In a media briefing yesterday, both Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic and Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George urged the public to remain calm.

“The ministry has been following this issue since December last year. We’ve been watching the news and utilising the experience of the officers here, trying to see exactly where we think this thing is going. Having done so and recognising the virus has crossed continents, we think the time is right to deal with it more seriously,” Bostic said at the Ministry of Health’s Culloden Road,St Michael office.