Stay at home orders to be issued for some communities

Beginning Thursday, residents in some communities will be required to stay at home, even outside of curfew hours, as the Government continues its fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who made the announcement at a virtual press conference moments ago, said this will prevent people from being outside unless they have a legitimate reason.

The communities are to be revealed tomorrow.

The stay-at-home order is being imposed along with a tightening of curfew hours, which will, as of Thursday, begin at 9:00 pm and end 5:00 am the following day in all parishes except Clarendon, St Catherine, St Thomas and Kingston and St Andrew where curfews begin at 7:00 pm daily.

The heightened efforts by the Government is in response to a spike in COVID-19 cases, which now stand at 1, 612 after 83 new cases in the past 24 hours.


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