Sir Richard Branson Has Expressed An interest In LIAT

The Chief of Staff within the Prime Minister’s office Lionel Max Hurst has announced that British Business Mogul Richard Branson has expressed an interest in the cash – strapped LIAT.

Mr Hurst said that the British Investor has indicated an interest to lease some aircraft to enlarge the Fleet of LIAT.

“ The entrepreneur who has expressed an interest in LIAT is actually a Briton, and he has proposed investing several million dollars, whereby he will wet lease jets and they will very likely fly from Fort Lauderdale to may be Jamaica,Haiti and down to Antigua, Barbados and may be as far south as Trinidad and Guyana,’’ Hurst said.

According to Mr Lionel Max Hurst, the whole idea is to enlarge LIAT, rather than collapse the carrier or make it smaller.

He said the investment from Richard Branson, will allow LIAT to fly outside the region.