Shop early for Christmas and save says JN Ambassador

Ambassador of the JN Foundation’s BeWi$e Financial Empowerment Programme On in Jamaica, Michael Andre Collins, is encouraging Jamaicans to start their Christmas shopping early to beat the rush and increasing prices.

Collins has noted that with widespread supply chain disruptions and labour shortages in the United States and elsewhere, and a rise in the prices of goods, including food, saving Christmas shopping until mid-December could be too late and could see shoppers losing out on major savings.

The JN ambassador points to surveys in the United States which show that more persons are shopping earlier this year. According to a RetailMeNot survey of nearly 1,100 consumers, 37 per cent of shoppers began their holiday shopping between August and September, if not earlier. An additional 22 per cent said they planned to start shopping in October and 24 per cent planned to start in November ahead of Thanksgiving.

To help shoppers get ahead of the crowds and price increases, Collins, who heads JN Bank’s Youth Banking Unit shared a few tips.

He said it was important that persons make a realistic budget and stick to it. “This is something you should practice all year round, but especially as we head into the holiday season, which often brings additional expenses,” he said.

“Think about where you can make a few adjustments in your current budget to make room for holiday expenses,” he advised. As a start, he recommended that persons review their purchases over the past few months or cancel unnecessary subscription services. Also, avoid spontaneous or unplanned spending.

Collins also noted that, complemented by a budget, persons can also use their credit card to maximise their savings on each purchase.


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