Severe volcanic ash and small craft warning in effect for Barbados

A severe volcanic ash and small craft warning remains in effect for Barbados.

This alert message is valid from 12 noon today, Sunday April 11 and will be updated at 6 p.m. or sooner as conditions warrant.

Varying intensities of volcanic ash from the La Soufriere Volcano in St Vincent continue to affect the island.

A Small-Craft Warning is issued when reduced visibility (less than 5 km) is affecting the marine area.

Hazard Info: Satellite imagery continues to show ash plumes travelling eastward towards Barbados in varying concentrations. Given the highly active nature of the La Soufriere Volcano, it is likely that further eruptions will occur, and depending on the intensity of the ash plume and wind direction, Barbados may continue to experience reduced visibility and further ash deposits.

Key Messages: Residents, visitors, and marine users must take action as ashfall will cause a significant reduction in visibility, and possible respiratory problems for persons who experience difficulty in breathing. Persons with respiratory issues or allergies must travel with, or have close at hand, all prescribed relevant medications in case of an emergency.

Marine users should stay in port, particularly if GPS is not in use on vessels. Closely monitor the forecast for critical updates.

Check that livestock have enough clean food and water. May need to shelter livestock in heavy ashfall. If you must drive, drive slowly as ashfall may reduce visibility. You may need to use car headlights because of the reduced visibility.