Seven Soldiers Elevate To The Officer Corps As Commissioned Officer

Seven persons were elevated to the Officer Corps as Commissioned Officers.

They are:
Lieutenant Carla Thomas-Browne, -a qualified nurse with 18 years of service.

Lieutenant Su-Jay Gore- the Force Medical Doctor who take over from the Late Dr Sir Prince Ramsey

Second Lieutenant Jaheel Cannonier with 5 years of service

Sub Lieutenant Barrymore Silston- a Reserve Officer

Sub Lieutenant Aushane Browne – a graduate of US Coast Guard Pfficer Candidate School

Sub Lieutenant Marlan Muturin- a graduate of the UK Naval Basic Officer School

Sub Lieutenant Randolph Best Jr- a graduate of the Caribbean Maritime University in Jamaica

  1. ALSO, incoming Chief of Defence Staff Lt Col Telbert Benjamin was promoted to the rank of Colonel in preparation of the official handover ceremony on Friday 20 March 2020.

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