Senior Police Officer Charged

The Police investigated a report of Larceny made on Tuesday 1st June 2021 where a senior Police Officer within the Fire Department allegedly stole a large sum of money and personal items. During the investigation, the Police recovered an unlicensed firearm with ammunition at the home of the Officer.

As a result, the Officer was arrested and charged with the following offences (1) Larceny, (2) Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, (3) Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. The Officer is expected to make an appearance before a Magistrate on Thursday 3rd June 2021. In addition, the Officer will be suspended pending the determination of the charges against him. 

It must be noted that a person is innocent until proven guilty. However, the Police Administration take these allegations seriously as they do not represent the core values of the Royal Police Force of Antigua Barbuda and reassures the public of its commitment to displaying professional and ethical behaviours as the Force serves the community.


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