Senior Govt Official Says It appears that Barbados Feels Threatened By The country’s Move to Establish Campus Of The UWI

A senior Antigua and Barbuda  government official is suggesting that Barbados appears to be dragging  it’s feet with regards to the establishment of the fourth landed campus of the UWI at Five Islands.

The Chief of Staff within the Prime Minister’s office, Mr Lionel ”Max” Hurst today indicated that Barbados is again requesting more time to consider Antigua and  Barbuda’s proposal to have a campus of the UWI.

The country’s Attorney General and the Minister of Education journeyed to Barbados recently, for a UWI Finance and General Purposes Committee  meeting.

It was expected  that at the end of that meeting, the technical teams approval  for the campus at Five Islands  would have been ratified.

However Mr Hurst said that it will  appear that Barbados feels threatened by Antigua and Barbuda.

“antigua and Barbuda  has made a bid to purchase the shares of barbados in liat and they are not discreet and disconnected activities.barbados is an important player and it wishes it’s importance to be realized.i believe that when antigua and barbuda begins to suggest it can manage a debt that Barbados can’t, it can fund the university, this development causes barbados to think that the campus in antigua  will undermine the cave hill campus,’’ mr hurst said,

Mr Hurst is also not convinced that the concerns of Barbados are legitimate.

“ we have given them the assurances, we have passed the laws that are necessary.we have set up the accounts into which the monies will flow and they know, we have done all the things we said that we would do and the  likelihood that Barbados will have to come to the rescue of antigua and barbuda sometime in the future is not only laughable, it is absurd,’ ’hurst indicated.

The Chief of Staff added that it seems that if the Barbados Government was to make the issue a public excuse,it will sell among the Barbadian population.