Securing food an issue for students

The situation regarding the Barbadian students trapped in the coronavirus-hit Chinese city, Wuhan, is now compounded by a scarcity of food.

And Michelle Payne, the mother of student Alexandria Payne, said she will be going to Government Headquarters today to get some answers.

Alexandria and a friend, fellow Barbadian Jevon Hercules, are on lock-down in a Wuhan apartment.

On January 23, authorities shut down Wuhan’s airport and public transportation and banned private cars in the city’s downtown area three days later.

Since that time, Payne and Jevon’s mother Leslin Hercules said they had been sending money to them so they could have food or food items delivered to the apartment.

However, Payne yesterday told the NATION that all of that has now ceased since food establishments were no longer delivering.

“They now have to go outdoors and walk over half an hour in the streets in search of food. The Ubers have stopped servicing. The children are now fully exposed,” the mother said.


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