Schoolboy murdered on the way to granny’s house

A SIXTEEN-year-old boy who walked out his grandmother’s home to get bread and sausages for dinner was gunned down near his Laventille home on Friday night and his $1,500 cellphone ta­ken.

Police believe he was killed for the phone.

Police said Akil Phillip, of Rebecca Trace, Block 22, Laventille, was found face down in the yard outside his home about 9.30 p.m. after residents heard a series of gunshots.

Phillip, a pupil of St Anthony’s Col­lege in Die­go Martin, had been shot three times.

The boy’s relatives called police and the ambulance service, but after 15 minutes, Phillip’s uncle, also named Akil, took him to the Port of Spain General Hos­pital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Speaking with the Sunday Express at their home, Phillip’s grandmother Cinty Vaughans said neither she nor her family could understand why he was killed.

She said: “He just went in the shop to get some bread and sausage, and while I was inside laying down, I heard ‘bap, bap’ and then I heard my grandson scream out, and after that, all I hear is people running through our area by the back of our house.”

She said she called her son, Phillip’s uncle.

Vaughans said: “He ran out first and he said, ‘Yes, mammy, look him on the ground here lie down’. He was face down, bleeding through his mouth, and we turned him over on his right side and I saw three bullet wounds, including one to his stomach.”

She said she and her son tried to stop the flow the blood while other re­latives contacted the po­lice and ambulance service.