Santia, BUT hit back at Franklyn

Both Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw and Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) general secretary Herbert Gittens have struck back at Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn.

The typically outspoken Franklyn, general secretary of Unity Workers Union, had blasted the teachers’ unions for being “feeble” in their response to what he said was Bradshaw overstepping her bounds by calling for a series of meetings with teachers.

Franklyn said a minister is responsible for setting policy and an education minister was not supposed to be in direct communication with educators. He said, while the BUT and Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union had voiced objections, they had been neutered and should have instructed their members to walk out if the minister spoke at the meeting.

But yesterday, both Bradshaw and Gittens determined Franklyn was the one who was overstepping.  


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