Salvation Army loses $800 to kettle thief In Barbados

Retired Major Denzil Walcott does more than collect donations. He engages with people, as he does here with one patron after she had made her contribution.

The Salvation Army’s annual Christmas kettle fund-raising drive has taken a big hit.

A kettle stand placed at the Colonnade Mall on Broad Street, The City, was stolen on Friday, when the representative manning the equipment took a bathroom break, momentarily moving away from the stand.

Major Brenda Greenidge informed the Sunday Sun yesterday that at least $800 was in the kettle (which is attached to the metal stand) when it was stolen.

Police are investigating the incident, which occurred just before 3 p.m.

“This is a very unfortunate situation, but we can’t give up,” a disappointed Greenidge said. “There is a particular donor who always comes to the woman with that kettle stand, and she came early on Friday to donate her usual $700.”

She said the stand was left alone for a short period because the woman who was working it had to go to the bathroom and had asked security personnel to keep an eye out until she returned.

The major added that the kettle, with its cover removed, was found behind a building in Bridgetown yesterday.


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