SAGHS students consider legal action over CXC Caribbean Studies results

Several students of St. Augustine Girls’ High school (SAGHS) currently are weighing their legal options following what they describe as “shocking” results in the Caribbean Studies exams.

A release issued by a student speaking on behalf of concerned colleagues states:

“The Caribbean Studies results came as shock to our school this year as all of the students obtained a grade C in one of the profiles reflecting our SBA mark. This would directly affect scholarships… CXC is not responding to our school and refuses to provide a simple explanation for their actions despite the Minister of Education contacting them. CXC said that they would look into the matter however these are all empty promises as nothing was done…”  

The students say they are concerned they are being disenfranchised when it comes to scholarships.

Following is the full text of the statement issued by the student on behalf of the concerned group…


Caribbean Studies is studied at the CAPE Unit 2 level at SAGHS. The results are listed in three profiles and all ninety students of SAGHS received a grade C in the third profile which is mostly affected by the School Based Assessment (SBA) mark. The SBAs are moderated by CXC, however, the prospect of every student’s SBA being of the same quality such that a grade C was allotted to everyone is impossible. This grade C would directly impact eligibility for scholarships.

The issue was aired on the news where the Minister of Education informed the media that CXC was contacted and said that they would investigate the situation. These were empty promises as nothing was ever done. CXC’s unresponsiveness begs the question as to whether this action was deliberate to reduce the number of scholarships.

Weirdly enough, our school was downgraded in this subject last year as well. SAGHS has never been downgraded in Caribbean Studies, but suddenly last year when the reduction in scholarships was announced, they started downgrading us? The students will not be duped into believing that this downgrade was anywhere near fair or deserving. The students are fed up and have lost all faith in CXC, who are accountable to no one. Perhaps something bigger is at play but we will not sit back and allow it to happen. Legal action is on its way. The students will fight for justice and our rights because we are the future of this country. CXC must account.


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