Safety first, says Abrahams

MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRs Wilfred Abrahams is making no apologies over the recent heavily criticised Barbados Meteorological Services early warnings of bad weather, which did not materialise.

During the reactivation of the Christ Church South District Emergency Organisation (DEO) yesterday, the final one to be officially reactivated, Abrahams said he would rather play it safe than be sorry.

“You may have noticed increased alerts from the Met Office and [the Barbados Government Information Service). We’re trying to get information to you a lot earlier. Sometimes it may seem like [the predictions were] wrong, but the information comes out to give you sufficient time to deal with things.

“Recently . . . the Met Office told me they were in a position to issue a [flood] warning in about three hours. My position was if they were so certain, then give people that three hours to prepare. I would rather put you on alert and nothing happens than not put you on alert and you get caught by surprise,” he said.


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