Rowley seems unbothered by Stuart Young

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley seemed unbothered by the budding conflict between US Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Joseph Mondello and National Security Minister Stuart Young on Wednesday.

Even as debate on whether Young should either be fired or resign over the furore caused by Mondello’s claim that he discussed T&T breaking the Rio Treaty over Venezuela Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez’s visit to T&T in March, Rowley remained silent on the matter.

The Prime Minister did not respond to numerous calls and texts about the tense media releases between Mondello and Young on Wednesday.

However, he instead posted casual pictures to his Facebook page from his kitchen garden, posing with heads of lettuce and other greenery.

The seven pictures, posted just after 3.30 pm yesterday, showed a smiling Prime Minister, casually dressed in a flowered shirt and khaki pants, harvesting heads of lettuce and tending to other small plants.

The caption on the pictures simple stated, “Tending to this garden provides a great sense of satisfaction.”

Rowley appeared to pose for the pictures, one staring off into the distance, another smiling over a basket of the harvested foodstuff.

“I come here when I have a little time, sometimes late in the evening or very early in the morning. I do a lot of focused thinking when I am tilling the soil and while I am planting,” Rowley wrote in a caption accompanying the pictures.

“Since coming into office, I’ve created and kept a kitchen garden at the Prime Minister’s official residence in St Ann’s.”

The brewing trouble between Mondello and Young seemed far from Rowley’s mind in the pictures. Within the hour, the pictures also garnered thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments.

On Tuesday, Mondello broke protocol and issued a media statement confirming he did raise the issue of T&T breaking the Rio Treaty when Rodriguez was allowed into the country on March 27.


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