Robberies spike to pay lawyers of jailed criminals – security minister

Some of the major armed robberies that have occurred across sections of Jamaica in recent months have been driven by criminals seeking to secure funds to pay legal fees for their cronies nabbed by the police.

This was disclosed by Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang today at a press briefing at Jamaica House called to update Jamaicans about changes to the Noise Abatement Act.

Responding to a question about last night’s attack in Dover district near Kitson Town, St Catherine, that left four dead and five injured, Chang acknowledged that there have been slight increases in homicides and shootings across the island.

But, he said, at the same time, the police have intensified their crackdown on criminals, which has resulted in more perpetrators being arrested and placed before the courts.

According to Chang, criminals have turned to more armed robberies to get money to help pay for legal representation for those in custody.

The security minister declined to disclose further details about the activities.

Criminal matters in Jamaica can take months, even years, before being settled, and accused persons can rack up high legal costs.


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