Remain at home and monitor mild flu-like symptoms, Jamaica CMO cautions

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie, is advising the public to remain at home and monitor themselves if they develop mild flu-like symptoms.

“If symptoms worsen or persist beyond three days or you have chronic illnesses, then you should seek medical advice. This can be from your private practitioner, from the health centre or from the parish health department,” she advised in a public service announcement.

She noted that people may be advised to do a coronavirus (COVID-19) test, which can be done privately or in the public health system by referral.

“A list of public health testing sites is available on the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ website. Persons with severe symptoms should seek immediate medical attention,” she said.

Dr Bisasor-McKenzie again advised people to continue to observe the infection prevention and control measures.

“All persons are encouraged to frequently wash their hands, wear a mask and get vaccinated. If you are due a booster, take the booster; observe physical distancing; avoid crowded spaces; stay hydrated; exercise regularly; and eat healthy, so that you can protect yourselves and fight COVID-19,” she said.


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