Rain no problem for electric buses

The electric buses handled Tuesday’s bad weather, including flooding in many areas across the island, with flying colours, said Transport Board chief operations officer Lynda Holder.

She said the buses were built to be raised further above the road and their motors were sealed, but this did not mean they were going to be reckless.

“I’m not worried, but we still have to take the proper precautions. Our policy is we don’t traverse over a certain height of water and that goes for all our buses, electric or otherwise,” she said.

The overcast conditions were also not an issue, said Holder, as the buses were electric, not photovoltaic.

“Once fully charged, the buses will work for an entire day if needs be. Plus, they regenerate over the course of the day so usually by day’s end they still have around half power. They don’t need sunlight.”


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