Public Works To be Given More Money For Roads

The Antigua and Barbuda Cabinet recently held a broad discussion on road construction, road rehabilitation, and road usage. There are 400 miles of road across Antigua and more than a majority are in need of rehabilitation.The recent cabinet notes said that the former administration spent more than $1 billion dollars on roads over ten years, and did NOT achieve any tangible increase in road quality. Since car ownership has increased exponentially in these past five years—following the reduction of import taxes on used cars by the Gaston Browne administration—the usage of roads has also increased. The quality of the surface of the roads, the Cabinet has agreed, must therefore be improved by voting an increase in expenditure for Public Works. Although the quantum of increase for road rehabilitation and construction could not be immediately determined, the Minister of Works will provide an estimate which will likely be taken to Parliament for approval in subsequent budget years. The Cabinet is determined to ensure that smooth roads become a reality across the country, and at the same time, make certain that drivers do not imperil their lives and property by reckless driving and speeding when road surfaces are improved.


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