Public Works Ministry On A Mission to Prove To CDB That It Can Do Major RoadWorks

The Ministry of Public Works is on a move to show the Barbados based Caribbean Development Bank, that it has the necessary resources to finish two major roads now under construction in the country.

Minister of Public Works Lennox Weston, made the comment in the wake of what appears to be a strained relationship between  Bahamas Hot Mix (BHM) and the Government over the slow pace, pertaining to the completion  of  the two roads.

Recently, the Antigua and Barbuda Minister of Works said that Bahamas Hot Mix had up to year-end to complete the project.

“our men know what to do, because  at the moment we are doing some commercial work at YIDA for about four million dollars and we are doing other roads in the country to demonstrate to the CDB that we have the equipment, the capacity and the experience to do the roads,” the minister of  works said.

The Public Works Minister, made it known that when the Caribbean Development Bank is lending money, the bank must not force the government to go to external contractors which it has little control over.

The Minister of Public Works added that the people of Antigua and Barbuda are suffering because of the slow pace of the contractor to complete the project.