Public Service Retirement Age Increases To 65-Years-Old

Public Servants will be able to remain in their jobs a little longer following an announcement by Prime Minister Gaston Browne today of an increase in the retirement age.

He told the 2020 Budget Speech that come May 1, 2020, the new retirement age will be 65-years-old.

The current retirement age is 60-years-old.

Browne told a near three-hour long speech, that the increase will fall in line with the pensionable age for social security which was recently increased to 65.

“We have addressed the misalignment between the government retirement age and the Social Security pension age,” Browne said today.

He said although effective May 1st 2020, the retirement age for public servants will be 65 years, “but public servants will have the option for early retirement between the ages of 55 and 60.”

Browne added that “where the age of a public servant corresponds with the social security pension age, the public servant will be able to retire with full benefits.”

He was outlining measures in the budget to improve conditions for public servants.


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