Public servants largely report for work on first day of new vaccine mandate despite calls by some union leaders

Monday was the first day of  the controversial new vaccine mandate for most of government’s thousands of employees and despite calls from some union leaders for workers to stay home and protest, chief of staff in the prime minister’s office Lionel Hurst said that vaccinated staff largely showed up for work. Hurst reported that no government operations were hindered on Monday.

Hurst’s appraisal of Monday’s situation was echoed by industrial relations expert Anderson Carty, who also said he received no report of disruption. Yesterday, one union official had warned that services at some government departments could be significantly hampered.

Deputy General Secretary of the workers union, Chester Hughes had this to say, “In some cases I understand is 4 out of 5 that are unvaccinated, so the impact even without the call of the union is going to be tremendous. It is going to be impactful”

 The ABWU has maintained that while it is not against vaccination in principle, workers should be given the right to choose.