PSV get-tough

It’s three strikes and out for public service vehicle (PSV) workers running afoul of the law, with similar penalties for owners.

That is what the drivers and their bosses will face for contravening regulations contained in the Public Transport (Miscellaneous) Provisions Bill, 2020, passed in the House of Assembly yesterday.

Under the changes, anyone who drives or conducts on a public service vehicle without a valid permit will be given three chances – a $1 000 fine on the first conviction; $2 000 for the second, but revocation of the driver’s licence or permit the third time.

Any owner who permits a vehicle to be used on the road in contravention of the act or the regulations is also liable, on summary conviction in the case of a first conviction, to a fine of $1 000; and “in the case of a second or subsequent conviction, to a fine of $2 000”.


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