While celebrating the achievements of the Government thus far, and highlighting the major projects and plans for 2020, PM Browne shifted his attention to both the vulnerable and youth in the country. 

Prime Minister Browne addressed the audience, stating that in thriving economies across the world, there are persons who are vulnerable and need special assistance 

In his statement, PM Browne said, “I have acknowledged the pockets of poverty that continue to exist in our country. I have also made it clear that we are tackling it. Our Government maintains several social programmes that benefit the elderly, orphans, persons with disabilities, and poor or indigent individuals.   Hundreds of persons are served by: the Board of Guardians, the Home Advancement Programme for the Indigent (HAPI), and the Government Residential and Care for the Elderly (GRACE) programme.” 

The Prime Minister also indicated that nearly 9,000 persons receive assistance through the PDVCAB Peoples Benefit and Utility Subsidy programmes.

“We are pledged to continue these programmes, because every life is an important life; every citizen is important to our society; our government will let none suffer, nor any go hungry; because we care, and we will always  care,” PM Browned ended. 

The Prime Minister used the opportunity to celebrate and encourage youth empowerment. 

“This Government’s primary initiative for the empowerment of our youth, is the provision of every opportunity from the primary to tertiary level to acquire knowledge. For those young people who, for whatever reason, did not manage in their school years, we provide the Second Chance Programme by which they can earn certification, improve their employability, and equip themselves for higher learning,” PM Browne recommend. 

On this note, the Prime Minister Congratulated the Second Chance Programme Leader, Troy Allen, on his work and dedication. 

Prime Minister Browne highlighted initiatives that his government has undertaken to ensure inclusiveness and promote empowerment among the country’s youth. These would include the Land for Youth Initiative, the young entrepreneurs’ component of the Entrepreneurial Development Programme, The Science and Innovation Centre that is being managed by UNOPS and the retrofitting of the former Deluxe Cinema for the creative arts.

“Our nation has witnessed the remarkable achievements of Khan Cordice and our international teen sensation AU/RA in music, and Alzarri Joseph, Rakheem Cornwall and Hayden Walsh Jr. in cricket.  Where they have succeeded, others can.  Our government offers the opportunities; our young people must take advantage of them,” The Prime Minister declared.