Promoter calls on PM to ignore NCC talk of Carnival 2022 in T&T

Event promoter Randy Glasgow wants Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to ignore advice from National Carnival Commission (NCC) chairman Winston Gypsy Peters to host Carnival in February of 2022.

The Randy Glasgow Productions CEO yesterday said now is not the time, especially with rising COVID-19 cases and the spread of the Delta variant across the country.

“T&T is not in any position presently to handle a massive outbreak if one occurs,” he wrote in a press release.

Instead, Glasgow suggested a hybrid version of Carnival 2022 in August or September next year not clashing with any similar foreign event. He said the funding will have to come from the Government for creatives in the industry.

“Our creatives, who are the engine of T&T Carnival, are hurting tremendously and 98 per cent have not earned a single dollar in two years and counting,” Glasgow wrote.

He said the roadway around the Queen’s Park Savannah could be used as the stage for revellers to enjoy and display their mas.

“Let’s create some Carnival history, doing things creatively different, dynamic over a two- or three-week duration and in effect starting the marketing and promotion,” he said.

He also suggested that entertainment shows across the country be held in safe zones.

Last week, Peters said the NCC had met with stakeholders and they were now looking at some scenarios where a Carnival for only fully vaccinated people could take place in the next three months.

“In Miami, it happened because Miami Carnival was only for vaccinated people and yes there had an influx of people running to get vaccinated,” Peters said last week.

But Glasgow disagrees with this, adding the rationale for risking people’s lives is not necessary.

“Some kind of Carnival in February 2022 is not in the best interest of our country and citizens at this time,” Glasgow said.

He said hosting Carnival in August or September 2022 would not result in T&T losing its Carnival slot, as it’s what is best and safe for the people.

Tribe bandleader Dean Akin agreed with Glasgow, saying a Carnival later in the year would allow for proper planning and preparation, especially with the present rise in COVID-19 cases. He said it was very late to be considering a Carnival parade in February 2022.

Contacted yesterday, Peters refused to be drawn into any debate but did say all stakeholders were entitled to their opinion on the matter.


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