PRO: Cops not trying to be difficult

Police say they are not seeking to antagonise the public in relation to pulling over people at night during the COVID-19 curfew.

As part of measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, only essential workers are supposed to be on the roads at night. However, some of them complained of being unsure if the unmarked vehicles and plain-clothes officers were real and not “fake cops”, giving rise to fears of potential robbery or worse.

It has resulted in people going on social media declaring they would drive to the nearest police station first as well as asking the police how they would feel if it were their families being pulled over at night.

Though police public relations officer, Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss, had responded previously to the matter, he said he wanted to make it crystal clear it was not a situation of police being insensitive. He said they had a job to do and intended to do it in the proper way, where their presence would be reassuring instead of causing fear.


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