Prince’s Foundation Helping to Retrofit Deluxe Cinema

A London-based architect/designer, commissioned by The Prince’s Foundation, was dispatched to Antigua at the expense of the Foundation, to determine how best to retrofit the DeLuxe Cinema building in order to make it serve as a modern performing arts center. The architect brought a model of the new center, supplemented by electronic images that show how a youth symphony orchestra, theater and dramatic performances spaces that can be held in the building when altered. As many as 900 seated patrons can be comfortably seated for a single event. When a symphony orchestra is engaged, the seating is reduced to 750 seats. The expectation is that the Center can be readied in time for the 2021 CARIFESTA which Antigua and Barbuda will host in two years. The 100-year old site that has served entertainment, is surely a landmark that generations of Antiguans and Barbudans will continue to enjoy. It will be re-decorated using a Kente Cloth design and lit at nights to create a special and memorable view. A budget of about $7 million dollars will be supplemented by the London-based Prince’s Foundation, organized by Antigua and Barbuda’s High Commissioner in that British city.


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