Primary pupils ‘hitting the bottle’

Alcohol and inhalants are the top two drugs being used by Class 3 and 4 primary school pupils in Barbados.

And while their consumption of energy drinks which often contain stimulants was in the top three, the National Council on Substance Abuse’s (NCSA) National Primary School Survey 2020 found that most students were sourcing the substances from home.

The findings were released yesterday afternoon via Zoom and presented by the state agency’s survey coordinator and research assistant, Laura Foster, at the NCSA’s headquarters in Belleville, St Michael.

Among those attending the event were Minister of Home Affairs, Information and Public Affairs Wilfred Abrahams, Acting Chief Education Officer Joy Adamson, NCSA chairman Hadford Howell, NCSA director Betty Hunte and others involved in the fight against the drug scourge.


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