President Ali welcomes US Secretary of State


President Dr Irfaan Ali this evening welcomed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as he arrived at State House with members of the US delegation.

Pompeo and his team touched down at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) just after 17:00hrs today.

During his historic visit to Guyana, Pompeo is expected to sign a number of agreements including a Maritime Patrol Pact to guard against narcotics and other regional security threats.

The US Secretary of State’s visit to Guyana forms part of an overall tour to countries in South America. He had earlier visited Suriname, and after Guyana, he will be heading to Brazil and then Colombia.

Pompeo had tweeted that the visits are to “celebrate and fight for democracy”.

Pompeo played a prominent role in pushing for democracy in Guyana, during the tumultuous five months following the March 2 elections.

This role included issuing statements urging the then President David Granger to adhere to the results of the elections.

It was Pompeo who announced visa restrictions against Guyanese officials responsible for undermining democracy. He had also urged President Granger, who at the time was being kept in power by virtue of court cases filed by his party supporters, to step aside.

Earlier this month, Pompeo had reached out to President Dr Irfaan Ali to extend congratulations and to pledge the support of the US to Guyana on developmental issues.


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