Prescod putting people first

New Special Envoy for Reparations and Economic Enfranchisement Trevor Prescod said he is going to root out inequality and address the disadvantages in Barbados.

During his presentation at the Barbados Labour Party St Michael East branch’s annual general meeting yesterday at the Israel Lovell Foundation, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael, the former Minister of Environment and National Beautification said his new position was not a token and he did not intend to operate as if in a ministry, saying he saw it as more of an expansion of the Pan African Commission.

“I do not see my job as a token or anybody buying me or even as me being a militant. I am not dissatisfied with no longer being a minister of Government because if Cabinet says a man is a woman, then you must say so too, even if it defies logic.

“Now I am free and can speak as a Parliamentarian, not beholden to any ministry or Prime Minister,” he said, adding he preferred the American system of government where democrats and republicans were free to speak.


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