Port Manager provides update on ongoing redevelopment works

“The beautiful St John’s Harbour…currently six months away from completing an amazing Ec$500,000,000 redevelopment. When done we shall have the most versatile, modern and Competitive Port in the Caribbean.

We will be the only eastern Caribbean Port who can Berth 5 major cruise and 3 major container ships within the same Harbour simultaneously!


  1. Berth # 2 completed! 700ft linear berth.
  1. First Lumber vessel to use berth # 2.
  1. First container ship to occupy berth #2.
  1. Dyke built by Blue Ocean Dredging.. Excellent work by Mr. Conley Brown..depository for dredge material..
  1. Our 1550ft long Cruise Berth #5. Built by Meridian Const. Dredge by Blue Ocean and financed by Global Port.

World class maritime facilities to improve the Port, Transport and Logistics services within the OECS and beyond..more to come… ” 


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