Police Urge Public To Be Vigilant

The Police continue to urge residents in Antigua and Barbuda to become more vigilant, and pay closer attention to personal safety, as well as the security of their homes and businesses throughout the Christmas Season. Police are further insisting upon residents to take all Crime Prevention Safety Tips seriously, in order to have an incident-free season.


1. Nothing can be compared with the value of life. Always value life over property. Should anyone be confronted by an attacker, it is advised that you remain as calm as possible, and see what descriptive information you may be able obtain during the incident. This information may become useful to the Police in their investigations.

2. Desist from exposing excessive amounts of cash, jewelry and other valuable items in public places.

3. Avoid travelling along poorly lit areas or isolated pathways at nights; especially if you are alone.

4. It is extremely important that one pay attention to their surroundings; especially when using electronic devices. DO NOT WALK AND TEXT.

5. Be very cautious when using Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s); especially at nights. Likewise, do not readily accept help from unknown persons, if while using an ATM you encounter difficulties. The machine may have been deliberately tampered with to capture vital information from your account.

6. Residents are urged to be on the alert for anyone trying to pass off counterfeit currencies during this season. Police are further appealing for residents to become more acquainted with the security features the local EC Currency. In the event you suspect that you may have been handed counterfeit currency, make every effort to report it to the police without delay.


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