Police Looking Nightclub Stabbers

The Police are on a manhunt for several persons who they believe may be able to assist them concerning a stabbing incident,involving a seventeen-year-old male

According to a police report, the young man was allegedly stabbed several times as he was about to leave the G Spot Night Club during the early hours of Wedmesday morning.

It is understood that the youngster went to the club and was in a room with a female for sometime.

As he was about to leave the club,he noticed that his cell phone and two hundred dollars were missing and so he confronted the female.

The report also indicated that after demanding the return of the items and not getting them back, he is reported to have taken the woman’s money from a table in the room and started to make his way out, when several people rushed at him and stabbed him repeatedly in the back

The teen said he did not know the identity of the attackers and was rushed to the Mount St John’s Medical centre and treated for injuries which were not life threatenting.


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