Police Commissioner Calls for The media to Co-operate With The Police

Media houses are being urged to consider the sensitive nature of information before sharing with the public. Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney, is concerned that confrontation among news publications is causing irresponsible behaviour for some media personnel in the country.

Social media was ablaze with likes, shares and comments with more questions than answers after information was posted about the discovery of ID’s belonging to Vincia James who has been missing since April of 2017. The police commissioner said media workers should continue to reach out to the police to confirm details of developing matters and wants the public to exercise caution in sharing graphics.

“Just be responsible and just be a little patient, if you hear something like that, speak to the police officers, and let the police officers have that opportunity to at least contact that family. It’s the same thing we’re having with graphic pictures of persons in accidents. Before we can reach out to a member of the family to say we need you to come and see a body or inform you of an incident, there are persons who are plastering social media with the picture of the family.”

The top cop reiterates that it is the police procedure to contact the next of kin when tragedy occurs before information spreads on social media. He is encouraging the media to work along with this process.