PNP demands urgent action against corruption, crime and violence

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Peter Phillips has written to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, demanding urgent action to tackle the issues of corruption, crime and violence.

Here are the demands contained in the three-page letter:

1. That all agencies and commissions which have a role in fighting and investigating corruption, including MOCA, FID, the police, the Auditor General’s Department and the National Integrity Commission, be allowed by the Government to discharge their functions and duties effectively and impartially in relation to the unresolved matters. Neither you nor any member of your Administration must place any impediment in their way.

2. That the Government cooperates with the Parliamentary Opposition in convening the relevant Parliamentary Oversight Committee during the course of next week to review and recommend changes, where necessary, to make the operations and functioning of the National Integrity Commission more effective.

3. That given the unprecedented number of instances of corrupt or irregular conduct of, and within the Government, and what appears to be an endemic situation, commissions of inquiry be established forthwith to enquire into the scandals relating to the ministries of education and energy and their relevant agencies and to the UDC and the Rooms on the Beach transaction.

4. That, in keeping with your promise in the last general election campaign and to provide some assurance to our people about their sustained safety, the Government immediately presents to the country the outline of a crime control plan which embodies a strategic and programmatic approach to implementing initiatives required in the fight against crime and violence and the expected outcomes.


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