PM warns visitors about COVID breaches

Prime Minister Mia Mottley (FP)

The Government of Barbados is prepared to take “the necessary action” against visitors who breach the island’s COVID-19 protocols, says Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

She was speaking during Monday’s COVID management update from Ilaro Court which also featured Attorney General Dale Marshall, Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic, Senator Jerome Walcott the head of the Cabinet COVID-19 subcommittee, acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George and infectious disease specialist Dr Corey Forde.

“We believe that by far the majority of them are complying, but the handful who have chosen, literally to ignore our mores, ignore our customs, ignore our laws and guidelines, then you must equally be held accountable with respect to what you have to face coming out of this country,” Mottley said.

She noted there were ten breaches of the COVID protocols, four from the Caribbean – including Barbadians – and six by visitors.

Former British beauty queen Zara Holland is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday in one of the latest breaches. Two days after arriving on island, she attempted to leave the country despite being told to remain at the designated hotel.

Mottley said there are about 2 900 Brits on island and flights are coming in with less than 10 per cent load, but are also taking visitors home. She has tasked the Ministry of Tourism with looking into a consolidation of flights and also designating hotels for specific purposes.

Meanwhile, George said visitors from high risk countries will not be allowed out of their rooms until they have completed the period of quarantine.

“Today we got the cooperation from the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association and all guests arriving from high-risk properties in Barbados will be required to stay in their rooms until they complete their quarantine before they are allowed [out],” he said. 


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