PM urges employers to be flexible with work arrangements

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the expiration of the work-from-home orders does not mean the Government is mandating everyone to physically return to work from the workplace.

“The SARS-COV2 virus is still with us and the hygiene and safety precautions and protocols that must be observed have not changed,” Holness said.

The current work-from-home orders will expire at the end of May. This means that as of June 1, people outside of the vulnerable population, that is, individuals aged 65 and over, and people with comorbidities, will be allowed to return to work.

“What we are saying is that we must return the economy to full capacity. We should allow people to work from wherever they can be most effective. If the nature of work demands that you must be physically present, then you should be. But if the work can be done from home or partially from home and partially in the workplace then we need to have that flexibility,” the prime minister said.

“This is nothing new; this has always been the Government’s position. The Flexible Work Arrangement law was passed almost six years ago,” he continued.

Holness said the Government will be standardising the protocols in relations to infirmaries, nursing homes and prisons which all have at-risk confined populations.


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