PM Confirms That There Is No Community Spread Of COVID-19 In Antigua

Prime Minister, Gaston Browne has revealed that the results from the submission of 40 tests, to CARPHA in Trinidad since February, indicate that there is no community spread, as experienced in Italy and the USA.

Community Spread is defined as not knowing how and from whom the infected person became a carrier of the coronavirus.

In Antigua’s case, those who are undertaking the contact-tracing have been a team of experienced sleuths (having worked through HIV contact-tracing in the past); they work many hours doing the search.

Forty tests in total have been submitted, 15 have returned negative. Only four of the infected persons live in Antigua; one is a taxi-driver who was exposed to a traveler; the other three traveled away from Antigua within recent times.

Browne concluded that clearly the Antiguans and residents have been abiding by the rules which have limited the spread.

Nonetheless, in order to avoid a wave of secondary infections, the State of Emergency is set to continue as well as the curfew, permitted under the Emergency Law, has been extended for a week.


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