PM Browne sends Congratulatory Message to new UK Prime Minister

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne on Tuesday, dispatched a letter of congratulations to the Right Hon. Boris Johnson, MP who was recently elected by the ruling Conservative Party as its Leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In congratulation Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prime Minister Browne outlined that his life’s work had prepared him to assume the leadership of Great Britain.

“You come to this great office at a defining moment in the history of your ancient and illustrious land.  Your life’s work and experience prepared you well for the task of setting Britain’s future and I am confident that the British people are in safe hands,” the Prime Minister’s note reads.

“I recall with great pleasure our encounter in London during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting last year and I look forward to meeting you again shortly to advance further the long relationship between our two nations,” noted Prime Minister Browne.

The country’s leader concluded his message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson by wishing him good fortune in his leadership of Great Britain as he forges new pathways to its economic prosperity and the enhancement of its standing in the international community.

According to media reports, Boris Johnson will later on Wednesday visit Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who will officially invite the new leader of the UK’s governing Conservative Party to form a government.

After his meeting with the Queen, he and his principal private secretary will travel to Downing Street, where, traditionally, new Prime Ministers give a speech to the nation outside the black door of Number 10.