PM Browne Calls On His Countrymen To Guard Against Disunity

Prime Minister Gaston Browne In his independence message has made a special appeal to the people of Antigua and Batbuda not to allow disunity to destroy the country.

In a televised addess the prime minister said the task of sustaining this nation’s independence rests in the hands of all of us, “none is exempted from obligations just as all are included in its entitlements.”

He warned that no nation divided against itself can survive, nor can its people prosper.

The Prime Minister said that independence “requires continuous nurturing to withstand battering forces external and internal.”

“That is why none of us should play in the hands of those who would encourage the  destruction of our state and the well-being of our people so that they can rule over its ruins,” he said.

“There is a place of political disagreement and dissent but all  of us must know where the line is drawn between political disagree and national anarchy,” he warned.

The prime minister said that as one people one nation with a common destiny, I urge that we deafen our ears to the siren songs of disunity, of discord that will sink our ship of State on the rocks of disaster.”


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