PM Browne accuses many In the Opposition of behaving Like Economic Terrorists

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has  told workers that many in the opposition are operating like economic terrorists.

Addressing  the 68th labour day rally of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union this morning, the prime Minister  said that  his government’s commitment to workers is  unshakeable.

“Our success as a government is creating fear for our opponents to the extent that they have become destructive in their actions and they have tried to destroy every single thing we have done,” the  prime minister said

The Minister said that they will remain fearful, because  the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party government will continue to press on  with the acceleration of the country’s development.

He said that this acceleration, will take place in every sector of the country.

 Prime Minister Gaston Browne indicated that  workers can be assured of education advancement, Health care and the protection of the country’s environment.

The leader of the Ruling ABLP    said that his government is pursuing an economic development model that is holistic with the policies being egalitarian, so as to ensure that no one is left behind.