PineappleMangoFest (Pi-AngoFest) ‘Selfie’ Competition 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs is well into its plans to host its

 PinaappleMangoFest (Pi-AngoFest) 2019, in August at Cades Bay Agricultural Station.

One of the many exciting activities that that will be held leading up to the event is a ‘Selfie’ Competition.

The PineappleMangoFest Planning Committee is encouraging members of the general public to take a ‘Selfie’  eating  Mangoes or Pineapples in a way that shows you are really enjoying the taste of the fruits.

Please send your ‘Selfies’ to either of these email addresses:,  or

 The Closing Date for entries of these Selfies is Friday July 26th 2019. The Winner of the PineappleMangoFest ‘Selfie’ competition will be announced during the Event in August 2019

So let’s have some fun eating those juicy Mangoes or Pineapples, take a ‘Selfie’ and send it to us.