Packed Agenda for coming months of the OECS

Director General of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States OECS Authority, Dr. Didacus Jules, speaking at the Opening Ceremony of the 67th Meeting here, has outlined that the organization has a packed agenda during the coming months under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne.

“More than ever before diplomacy matters and the outreach to non-traditional partners that we have started in the thrust to Africa, the strengthening of our diplomatic coordination in the entire European theatre and the heightening of our battles against economic dictation, arbitrary blacklisting, and de-risking will be intensified under PM Browne’s leadership.  Commeth the hour, commeth the man and we look to your professional expertise to lead this charge Mr. Chairman,” Dr. Jules stated.

He also outlined a number of goals that the organization hopes to achieve by the year 2021.  He said that this includes enabling trade and business anywhere in the OECS to operate everywhere in the OECS and to enable every citizen of a Member State to travel freely and without hassle with family for work, leisure or residence anywhere in the OECS and that the region will be better able to adapt and recover quickly from adversity in climate and the environment, economic and social systems.

These and other issues are expected to be addressed during the one day meeting of the organization.   We are pleased to present below the full text of Dr. Didacus Jules’ remarks below.