Overheating oil causes fire at D’Bocas Restaurant in Port of Spain

Cook­ing oil in a pan of fried chick­en wings over­heat­ed and start­ed a small fire at D’ Bo­cas Restau­rant on In­de­pen­dence Square North in Port of Spain.

While no flames were vis­i­ble out­side the build­ing, smoke was seen com­ing out of the bal­cony doors of the restau­rant, which is on the sec­ond storey of a build­ing next to Nicholas Court.

Fire Sub-Sta­tion Of­fi­cer Di­ane Noel said the fire be­gan on the stove in the restau­rant’s kitchen around 9:50 am.

She said the own­er at­tempt­ed to ex­tin­guish the fire be­fore ex­it­ing the build­ing.

She con­firmed fire of­fi­cers were able to con­tain the fire but she said it was too ear­ly to es­ti­mate the dam­age to the kitchen since fire of­fi­cers were still nav­i­gat­ing smoke in­side.

Restau­rant own­er and man­ag­er, Wayne Agard, said the chef just start­ed work­ing there two weeks ago.

“We used three ex­tin­guish­ers to try to put it out be­fore the fire ser­vice ar­rived,” Agard said. “This is the first time this has hap­pened in 35 years of op­er­a­tion.”

He said the restau­rant has fire in­sur­ance, though it was too soon to quan­ti­fy the val­ue of the dam­age.

Work­ers at City Gym on the top floor of the build­ing, as well as staff at the phar­ma­cy and Dig­i­cel out­let on the ground floor, al­so evac­u­at­ed and locked up their busi­ness­es as a pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sure.

Agard said de­spite prepar­ing for sig­nif­i­cant clean-up and re­pairs at the restau­rant, he was not an­gry at the chef.

“Things hap­pen in life,” he said ca­su­al­ly. “You just have to move on from it.”