Over 500 Saint Lucians cruise workers “stuck abroad”

Over 500 Saint Lucians are “stuck abroad” after the cruise industry worldwide was shut down due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has revealed.

This news comes after eight Saint Lucians from the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship arrived in Saint Lucia on Tuesday, April 21.

The ship was docked off the coast of Barbados since April 9, 2020.

The governments of Barbados and Saint Lucia teamed up “to see the successful repatriation” of the Saint Lucians, according to a news release.

However, there are many more Saint Lucians eager to get home. One male individual said in a letter to St. Lucia News Online that he is 104 Saint Lucian seafarers stuck on a cruise ship. He did not reveal the name of the vessel.

Fedee said the Saint Lucia government is aware of the situation.

“Our report today suggests that they are over 500 of our nationals who are stuck abroad with the cruise industry being shut down,” he said. “The difficulties we have been experiencing are that, as we try to repatriate them, the Center for Disease Control has said that cruise lines cannot allow anyone to get off the various ships because of the tremendous concern that they have had with coronavirus.”

However, Fedee said the government is committed to getting the remaining nationals home.


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